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Welcome To Athens Tree Farm

Athens Tree Farm has 22 varieties of trees available - and uses a water-conserving system of containment, irrigation and aeration to ensure even moisture distribution as well as greater root stability.

We are a proud to be a Certified RootMaker® Tree Farm using RootMaker® products.

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and why we chose to use only certified Root Maker products


About Athens Tree Farm

Kip and Earl EstepOwner Kip Estep, along with his parents, Dr. Earl Estep and wife Pat, run a smooth and close-knit operation.

Having a close father and son relationship, Kip and Earl know what it takes to achieve and exceed excellence in any goal they set out to reach. You won't find a 'fast city' or 'take a number' approach around this family-owned farm.

This father/son partnership will always extend a personal touch with each individual customer. Whether its meeting you in town to discuss business, inviting you out to the farm to view our 'Rootmaker' technique, or just coming by for the day to fish in one of our well-stocked lakes.

The point is... We do things right! 'Good 'ole Boy', Texas style: that means we put our customers' needs first no matter what it takes!


Root Maker Tree Farm
We are the largest
Certified Platinum "Root-Maker®" Tree Farm in the United States .